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21 of February 2007 :

- A mini sculpt for Wyrd Miniatures, based on a beautiful concept of very talented Incredible poops (Stéphane ENJOLRAS) :

- A mini sculpt for Andrea miniatures :

-- An old mini that I have found in my bazar:

A metal copy of a swordmaiden sculpt 2 years ago for Ccltos (limited edition for the Salute 2005)


1 of January 2007 : Happy new year.

- Update Mandragore Miniatures .

- A new tutorial :"how to sculpt a mermaid" (unfinished)

- The picture of a mini ,who have finish in my bin.

- A "space marine" that I have offer to the winner free lottery, organized for Christmas on Creafig's website.

1 of September, 2006 : The new Mandargore Website is online.

15 of August, 2006 : Also 6 greens (35mm) sculpt for Magnificent Ego :

2 minis (32mm and 35mm) sculpt for Crunch-Waffle Enterprises:


19 of January 2006 : 3 minis (32mm) sculpt for Crunch-Waffle Enterprises : a centaur, a monk and a herald who have some problem to read his scroll.

16 of January 2006 : Warning, because of a little provider problem my adress email have change from "" to .


10 of novembrer 2005 : 7 minis(in 32mm) sculpt for Crunch-Waffle Enterprises : Pawnee, suicide warrior, samourail, water wizard, sniper, sorcess and Nubien.

Also 2 greens (35mm)sculpt for Magnificent Ego : Esmeralda and his bodyguard.



1 of november 2005 : 3 new minis(35mm) of my personnal collection (perhaps available one day ...but it's realy not sure). A new pdf tutorial is also available in the tutorial section: How to sculpt dragon wings.

Atalante, work in progress: Big scale (1/6) bust in en PuppenFfimo based on a sketch of Crisse (an amazing french artist) :

Starfighter: gift for my friend Aeronaudts (webmaster of Creafig's):

Some minis (35mm) sculpted for Magnificent Ego :

16 of april 2005 : You can see in a new gallery , the Mandragore miniatures line :

Mandragore miniatures line

19 of February 2005 :


Paint Aid

On sunday, 26th of December, 2004, an unprecedented disaster hit South Asia, killing and destroying all in its way.

In a few moments those who had little to begin with lost all they had and more.Members of and Cool mini Or Not have mobilized themselves and started actions to help these people rebuild their lives and learn to live again.



30 of october 2004 : After a Geisha... a Ninja girl is available on Taban Studio website.

MaikoNinja Girl

6 of september 2004 : Sacred Blade Miniatures webshop is open .

Divine Spirit

6 of september 2004 : A new sculpture tutorial 35mm(in pdf format).


10 of August 2004 : If you are interrested you can see an interview on Witchhunter website.


15 of July 2004 : A new elf warrior (35mm) for Magnificent Egos and the beginning of a Demon.




17of May 2004 : The website is praticaly finish........ For the lauch of my website I have show some Dark Ages and Reaper Miniatures news in the gallery.