Me and my Mini-me

Name: Gael Goumon
Birth: 04/11/1971

Residence: Lingolsheim, a small town near Strasbourg (France)
Household: 1 little boy , a wife and a lot of gnomes slave who sculpt the greens for me.

Favourite Movie: BladeRunner, Brave Heart, Brazil, Lord of the rings I'm a very big fan of Terry Gillian and Tim Burton
Favourite Music Band: "old" heavy metal like Iron Maiden or Manowar, Muse ,Daft punk....
Favourite RPG's: Warhammer RPG, D&D, Runequest, Stormbriger, Call of Cthulhu.
Favourite Computer Games: Neverwinter Night, Fallout, GuildWars
Other Interests: loves read comics, art books (Royo, Gimenez, Vallero)and tattoo magazines ... to found new ideas for new figs

I have no artistic training and I'm a very bad drawer. I have a bachelor's degree in Biochemistry/Genetics and also in Computing and I have worked in a school as a Biology teacher . I have started to sculpt in 2000, but I'm professional since 2001 . I also do jewellerys and art objects in bronzes, solid silver and gold .

Miniatures made for: Fenryll, Reaper, Dark Age Miniatures, Eastern Front Studio, Magnificent Egos, CoolMiniOrNot, Sacred Blade, Wyrd , Andrea, Crunch Waffle and other companies.