15 Janvier  2013 : 


 KAHA Miniatures 35mm

Color Warz 35mm

Kabuki Models 35mm

 Mortebrume 35mm

Private collection

axedancer 35mm

WIP  Capricorne 1/4  (magic sculpt)

54mm Fimo

2 minis for  Eden the game (Taban Miniatures)

 Predator (35mm)


4 Novembre  2011 : 

Predator girl (35mm) sculpted for

Chipie (32mm) for Maow Miniatures

Minis and tokens (30mm) sculpt for the game : Fortune and Glory  edited by Flying Frog

4 adventurers  ( private collection 35mm)

 17  of April  2011 :  Finally a little update :) .

A  ranger
32mm  sculpt in Greenstuff  (private collection )

2 inquisitor 32mm (private collection ):

2 minis sculpt  Eden the Game (
Taban Miniatures)

  A test in Fimo (32mm) ....The result is not terrific (I'm a rooky with this medium), so I will probably resculpt it in Greenstuff.

The Fish and the Bélier (1/6) in cold bronze

 16 of August  2010 :

4 Showgirls (32mm)sculpt  for the game Malifaux (Wyrd Miniatures):


WIP : maharaja and  NY zouave ( private collection 35mm)


WIP :  Cpt James  Souter  at Gandamak (54mm private collection)
Cpt James Souter

WIP  (1/6 scale )  private collection

Nymph 1/6 (solid  bronze ):

10 of September 2009 :

A Nymph (1/6 scale ) (private collection):

Wip of a mermaid (1/6 scale ) (private collection):

A barbarianGirl sculpt for Kabuki Models (35mm):

3 Minis sculpt for the game Mortebrume


15 of April 2009 :

An Inquisitor in 30mm(private collection):

More pictures HERE

A Night Gaunt (Call of Cthulhu)for RAFM (30mm):

Minis sculpt for Project-Slipstream (35mm):


9 of January 2009 :

Happy new year !!!

A Sparta Girl sculpt for Kabuki Models (35mm):


A Gretel Von X for german faction for Incursion (30mm) :

23 of November 2008 :

A little update of an very old sculpt :


After some little changes

click on the links for very better and bigger pictures

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 7

(demon with a 32mm feet/top of the head miniature)


27 of October 2008 :

A mini sculpted for mini painters , based on a concept of Andrés Canals ( with little changes) )



17 of september 2008 :

A new mini for my personal collection (with a Matrix stance) . Sculpted in collaboration with my little wife .

A little demone and a sweet nurse:

A Greek amazon sculpted for a friend


9 of july 2008 :

A Witch(and his cat) on his claudron sculpted for Wyrd:

Click for more pictures


2 minis in 35mm sculpted for Infinity



8 of june 2008 :

Work in progress of a paladine (35mm)

Click for more pictures


2 minis sculpted for Wyrd :


A mini sculpted for Darksword (30mm) Based on a concep of Stephanie Law


A mini sculpted for mini painters , based on a concept of Andrés Canals



15 of February 2008 :

2 minis sculpted for Darksword (30mm)


2 Minis sculpt for Pulp-City (30mm)


11 of November 2007 :

pictures of The Clansman (35mm) . (with an optional head):


9 of october 2007 :

Two WIP (work in progress) 35mm :

A Clansman before Culloden

Manfred von Richthofen (the Red Baron WWI)

3 of octobrer 2007 :

A mini sculpt for mini painters , based on a concept of Andrés Canals


Perdita , Santiago, Papa Loco , Francisco and El Nino Ortega



A part of the miniatures of the game: LAST NIGHT ON EARTH


Two Infinity minis painted by the very talented Angel Giraldez


7 of July 2007 :

A new sculpting tutorial is in work in progress:

You can see the different steps on Creafigs website (clic on the picture).

For the moment it's just in French, but as soon as It was finish ,I will do the english translation.

13 of Avril 2007 :

5 New galleries:

Good news, my private collection will be finaly cast by my friend Jim Ludwig from Dark Sword Miniatures :